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Piano Centre COVID-19 Update – March 28, 2020

Piano Centre Store Front
Piano Centre

Since 1985, Piano Centre has been dedicated to servicing the Edmonton and Northern Albertan music community in offering the best pianos available and providing top notch service. In the midst of this coronavirus outbreak, the safety and well-being of our employees and customers remains our highest priority. We strongly believe that music positively impact our lives. A meaningful purchase such as a piano can not only enrichen the family household but can be utilized as a great recreation, hobby and educational asset in the home. Here is an update on our operations and the procedures we’re following to maintain a safe environment:

Updated March 28, 2020: Our store is currently closed to the public but we are answering phones and emails with reduced store hours; open Tuesday through Saturday from 10-5pm for phone calls and emails. We can still arrange rentals and piano shipping. Call us at 780-484-3170 or by e-mail to answer any of your questions. It is our pleasure to send pictures and videos of specific instruments.

Piano Centre remains ready to serve our customers in the most appropriate fashion, and will continue to maintain high standards of a healthy environment.

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Message from Ron Losby, CEO & President of Steinway & Sons

Ron Losby, CEO & President of Steinway & Sons
Message from Ron Losby,
President & CEO of Steinway & Sons

For over 165 years, Steinway & Sons has been recognized not only for building and selling the world’s finest pianos, but also for its resiliency, strength of spirit and dedication to working together through hard times. In the midst of this coronavirus outbreak, the safety and well-being of our employees and customers remains our highest priority, and we would like to provide an update on our operations and the procedures we follow to maintain that safe environment.

We know that there are times when purchasing something meaningful has an exceptionally positive impact on our lives. Therefore, our company-owned showrooms across the United States are currently open for business. However, we have postponed student recitals and large events that take place in our showrooms. Our sales team is working closely with teacher partners to support their efforts in offering virtual lessons to their students. In addition, certain locations in designated “hot spots” are subject to modified hours and may be accessible by appointment only to reduce walk-in traffic and crowds. We encourage making use of many of our video-call platforms to virtually tour our showrooms and make piano selections.

If you do choose to visit us in person, you will find that our showrooms comfortably allow for individualized spacing of guests. Additionally, all of our locations have increased the frequency of sanitizing surfaces including a thorough cleaning in between customer visits.

You may contact your local showroom or salesperson to learn more about our newest high-resolution player piano, Spirio | r, or to get an overview of our current selection of pianos. I also encourage you to bring some music into your day by visiting our YouTube channel at or by visiting us at

We have made the decision to keep our factories running as long as we believe it is safe to do so. Closing them would create a personal hardship for the artisans that handcraft every Steinway piano. To further support efforts in social distancing, we have suspended our factory tours for the time being. We are in contact with local and state authorities and monitoring CDC guidelines to ensure that the decisions we make remain in the best interests and safety of our employees.

Company-wide, we will continue to protect our employees and customers, and we remain ready to serve our customers in the most appropriate fashion.

I am looking forward to the time when we can make and celebrate music together at Steinway Hall and other great venues around the globe. Until then, I hope you will keep Steinway close with music in your home.

Ron Losby
President & CEO
Steinway & Sons
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Make the most of this time at home!

Sharpen your skills or learn a new hobby that is educational and passionate – the piano!

Take delivery of a piano via rental or purchase and make music during isolation.
Call us for more information: 780-484-3170

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Disinfecting your piano – Corona Virus COVID-19 Outbreak

piano cleaning

Provided by the Piano Technician’s Guild :

Image result for cleaning piano
Piano Cleaning

Advisory: COVID-19 and Consumer Piano Care

The Corona Virus (COVID-19) is having a major impact throughout the world and that includes the world of music teachers and piano owners. The Piano Technicians Guild is making the following suggestions.

1. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has specific tips for preparation, protection and care. You can view this information at

2. Special care should be taken when using disinfectant products on a piano. Our thanks to Greg Cheng, RPT, for his invaluable assistance in developing these recommendations. 

General Recommendations

• Generally speaking, a soft disposable towel, using warm water and hand/dish soap is safe to use on virtually every finish, key, and case parts. Always follow up with a dry soft disposable towel to dry any standing liquid. Cheng recommends the Wypall L30 disposable towel.  

• Cleaning pianos is a gentle process not a scrubbing process. Pressing hard or vigorous scrubbing may lead to scratching or removing the finish. Always proceed with caution and use common sense. Remember to wash your hands after you have thrown away the towels.

If using disinfectant products

 • Use alcohol-based disinfectants, do not use bleach-based disinfectants or any product containing citrus.

 • If using a spray or liquid bottle, use a disposable towel like WYPALL L30. Put the disinfectant on the towel and not the piano. 

 • After use, immediately put the towel or disinfectant hand wipe in the trash and wash your hands as the CDC recommends. Do not use reusable towels or cloths.

 • Always follow up with a dry towel and never leave any liquids on the piano or keys. 


The keys are the most important part. Generally speaking, most disinfecting wipes or sprays (see General Recommendations) should be safe to use on the keys. Piano Centre recommends cleaning the full length of each key top with a disinfectant wipe, followed by a dry towel to absorb any moisture left behind.

Case Parts

Case parts finishes vary greatly and can be easily damaged by disinfectant wipes and sprays. A soft disposable towel, using warm water and hand/dish soap is safe to use on virtually every finish, key, and case parts. Always follow up with a dry soft disposable towel to dry any standing liquid.

Again, cleaning pianos is a gentle process not a scrubbing process. Pressing hard or vigorous scrubbing may lead to scratching or removing the finish. Always proceed with caution and use common sense. Remember to wash your hands after you have thrown away the towels or wipes.  

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New Boston finds it’s home in new Piano Teacher’s Studio!

Boston Piano in Piano Teacher’s Studio

Optimized for any music room,

Optimized for any music room, the Boston uprights offer the same standards of excellence which characterize all instruments designed by Steinway & Sons. A Boston upright will give you the same opportunities to express your musical skill as a grand.

In comparison to other pianos, the Boston has lower string tension. This reduced string tension allows for a larger, tapered soundboard, creating longer sustain, and more singing quality in the tone (as well as longer piano life). A wealth of other engineering enhancements, including optimal placement of ribs, braces, and bridges, also contribute to the Boston’s superior tone and greater stability.

Each Boston piano soundboard is crafted of spruce, long proven to be the most resonant material available. Boston soundboards are also precisely tapered, which allows them to vibrate more freely. In conjunction with a number of special technologies — unique patents of Steinway & Sons — the result is a powerful, sustained tone.

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Cordreros join the Steinway family!

Essex Piano

EUP-123S School Cabinet
Height 49″

The EUP-123S is a piano that delivers incredible value and performance at every level. After exhaustive research, we know of no similarly-priced piano, by any manufacturer, that comes close to its structural integrity, depth and character of tone, and full compliment advanced design features.

School Specific features
The Essex EUP-123S is equipped with SECURITY LOCKS on the top board and key cover to prevent use or damage when unattended. It’s large DOUBLE-RUBBER CASTERS roll easily and will not damage tile floors and the FULL-LENGTH MUSIC DESK makes it easy to view longer scores for performance and conducting. 

Unlike any other similarly-priced brand that we know, ALL ESSEX PIANOS ARE MADE THE SAME. The features, materials, and craftsmanship remain constant from model to model and are not reduced or altered to meet lower price points on smaller pianos.
Advanced Features

Premium Solid Spruce Soundboard
All the finest pianos have premium solid-spruce soundboards, but spruce soundboards are not created equal. A premium soundboard will be made of straight-grain solid spruce (not laminated) with a minimum of 8 grains per inch and be free of knots and irregularities. These qualities ensure overall structural integrity and even distribution of vibrations. Most manufacturers do not specify anything beyond solid vs. laminated, allowing for a wide variance in wood quality.

Tapered Soundboard Construction
To promote flexibility, the soundboard is sanded down to be thinner from treble to bass. Because the board is able to vibrate more freely, bass notes sound richer and fuller and overall tone and dynamic range is improved.

Vertically Laminated Bridges
Originally patented by Steinway in 1880, this groundbreaking design is now found in nearly every high-performance piano in production. The solid bridge is replaced with multiple layers of wood, like a layer-cake on its side. This design transfers vibrations from the strings to the soundboard most efficiently and with the least loss of energy. This improves every aspect of tone, projection, sustain, and dynamic range.

Hammers with Underfelt
Dense under-felt is applied before the white hammer felt is glued and fastened to the hammer molding. This reinforcement will help the hammer retain its shape through years of impact with the strings. Often overlooked and not something that will cause an issue right away, this is a feature many manufacturers will eliminate in order to cut costs.

Massive 5-Post Back Frame
With a TOTAL CROSS SECTIONAL AREA of 400cm or more, this piano is built to stand the test of time. The CSA is calculated by multiplying the width and depth of each post by the number of posts and it serves as a measure of the structural integrity of the piano. Like the curved rim of a grand, the back-frame of an upright is responsible for overall structural integrity and maintaining the soundboard crown throughout the years. The stronger the back-frame, the longer a piano will last and the better it will perform later in life.
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Steinway Spirio Spotlight – March 2020



This month STEINWAY & SONS SPIRIO, the world’s finest high resolution player piano, introduces Francesco Parrino, the wildly popular Italian pianist and YouTube sensation who delivers authentic arrangements of famous pop tunes. This month, he joins us at our STEINWAY SPIRIO STUDIO in Hamburg for a full set of songs and is featured in our SPIRIOSYNC video playing “Take On Me.

The big anniversary in classical music this year is Beethoven’s 250th, and we continue to explore all of his piano works, this month adding the first Piano Sonata and the famous Allegretto of his 7th Symphony. We also celebrate the birthday of another great composer, Franz Joseph Haydn, with playlists of his most famous works including the C Major Fantasia performed by Sean Chen.


The Allegretto from Beethoven’s 7th Symphony


Dramatic slow works by Mahler & Bach & others


Select works of the great composer, Franz Joseph Haydn

More classical tracks include one of the most famous works by Gustav Mahler, the Adagietto from his Fifth Symphony, which leads off a playlist called Emotion. And Antonio Pompa-Baldi performs the Brahms Op. 117 Intermezzos.

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Steinway Spirio Spotlight – February 2020

Cole Porter on a Steinway, A 1990s Rock Rewind, Madonna’s pianist, & Virtuosic Fantasies

Cole Porter on a Steinway

This month STEINWAY & SONS SPIRIO, the world’s finest high resolution player piano, highlights an ongoing project that celebrates STEINWAY ARTIST Cole Porter, whose 1907 STEINWAY was recently restored at the New York STEINWAY FACTORY and will be on view back “home” at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel next year. Though there is very limited recorded material of Porter himself, there is a great group of STEINWAY ARTISTS who are recording his music for SPIRIO. This month we highlight the first collection, which we call Volume 1. Among others on this playlist is Adam Birnbaum, who plays I Love You and Just One of Those Things.

Adam also has more Jazz essentials for the catalog this month, which also includes the SPIRIO debut of West-coast based Alan Pasqua.

Rickey Pageot

Our Rock Rewind playlist this month focuses on tracks from the 1990s including, appropriately, Tori Amos’s Winter as well as the music of U2, Nirvana, Radiohead, Alanis Morissette, Blur, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Pop icon Madonna has a talented young pianist named Ric’key Pageot who has recently spent time in the SPIRIO studio. This month we feature him in our SPIRIOSYNC video playing Evgeni’s Waltz, music from Madonna’s film W.E. He also shows off his classical talents with a rarely heard track from Cuthbert Harris.
The core classical catalog on SPIRIO continues to expand with the Op. 116 Fantasies by Brahms which round out our Virtuosic Fantasies playlist performed by Stanislav Khristenko. More Classical tracks include music of Chopin and Scarlatti with the SPIRIO debut of Steven Spooner.
explore the MUSIC

Each month we features highlights from the SPIRIO catalog. Learn more about the artists, the history and the music found exclusively on SPIRIO.

The music of ABBA, Stravinsky’s ballets, and Jazz debuts

A Philip Glass Retrospective, a Rock Rewind, and a Bach Partita

Autumn themes and Halloween, ’80s pop and more…

Davell Crawford — The Music of Roberta Flack

Celebrate the season with SPIRIO

Ahmad Jamal, Disney Favorites, Best of 2019

The new STEINWAY & SONS SPIRIO is the world’s finest high resolution player piano. A masterpiece of artistry and engineering in your home, SPIRIO enables you to enjoy performances captured by great pianists — played with such nuance, power and passion that they are utterly indistinguishable from live performance. Learn more about SPIRIO.

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HOW TO SELECT A PIANO SEMINAR – March 14th, 10:00am


Are you looking for a piano but a little lost?

We understand! The piano is a complex instrument with thousands of parts but, if you know what to look for, the process can be an enjoyable one! Learn about how a piano works, what makes a good piano and how to avoid making costly mistakes when shopping new or used. After the seminar, you’ll have a useful evaluation framework to help you as you shop. Take advantage of decades of piano experience condensed into an informative 90 minute session.

Hundreds of previous attendees have commented on how much the seminar helped them better understand the piano marketplace and how to make a great decision for their families. Space is limited so reserve a spot soon.


Join us Saturday March 14th at 10:00 am as a piano expert will guide you through what to look for when choosing a piano.

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Boxing Week Sale

Piano Boxing Day Sale

Find Your Dream piano during our boxing Weekend Sale!

Incredible savings on All Pianos in Store – new and used!
Grand Pianos, Upright Pianos, Digital pianos and keyboards all reduced for this short but great Boxing week sale!

Choose from brands: Steinway, Boston, Yamaha, Kawai, Roland, Baldwin, Pearl River.


Friday December 27 from 10-5pm
Saturday December 28 from 10-5pm
Sunday December 29 from 10-5pm
Monday December 30 from 10-5pm