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0% Financing over 25 months on Select New Boston Pianos


To Commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Steinway – Designed Boston Line,  enjoy 0% Financing over 25 months on select new Boston Pianos!

As we celebrate this unique piano’s first quarter-century, we also look forward to the next twenty-five years.

All Bostons now includes a Steinway maple inner rim and the Steinway-patented Octagrip™ pinblock. For 2018, the line was upgraded even further with the introduction of the new Boston Performance Edition II, which features a beautiful rare wood veneer on the inside rim, a stunning rose-gold colored plate, and black felts for the plate, under the fallboard, and around the pedals. A rescaled bass and treble wire lower string tension to provide increased sustain, better tone clarity, and a deeper, clearer bass. Reaction to the quality, sound and overall performance of today’s Boston piano has been overwhelmingly positive from owners, piano teachers, institutions, technicians, and professional pianists.

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“You can hear the effects of the Steinway & Sons design from one end of the scale to the other.”
Bob Winter
Berklee college of music

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