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Steinway 166th Anniversary Savings Event


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On March 5th 1853, German immigrant HENRY E. STEINWAY founded STEINWAY & SONS in New York City with the goal of building the best piano possible. In the pursuit of that goal, he developed the unparalleled STEINWAY and built a legacy that stands as one of America’s greatest success stories. Today, Steinway have created two other piano brands; the Essex & the Boston piano lines; each incorporating the latest Steinway & Sons technical advancements, patents & specified Steinway materials, assembled in different factories.

To Celebrate the founding of the iconic Steinway & Sons company, we are offering spectacular savings on all Steinway – including the new Spirio and Spirio R, Boston and Essex Pianos — Save thousands.

Since 1853, STEINWAY & SONS has built the pianos by which all others are judged. Every STEINWAY grand and upright piano is a masterpiece of handcrafted precision and a consummate work of art—painstakingly built by experienced artisans with unending passion for their craft. And today’s STEINWAYS are the best STEINWAYS yet, supported by generations of expertise and state-of-the-art technological advances.

Celebrate the 166th Anniversary of STEINWAY & SONS—an iconic brand and an indelible piece of American musical history—with no interest for 66 months.


Models Available with 0% financing for 66 weeks:

ESSEX by Steinway

EUP-111e 45″ upright
EUP-123s 48.5″ upright
EGP-155 5’1″ grand

BOSTON by Steinway

UP-118S 47″ upright
UP-118E 47″ upright
UP-132E 52″ upright
GP-178 PEII Anniversary Edition 5’10” grand
GP-156 PEII 5’1″ grand


K-52 52″ upright
Model M 5’7″ grand
Model O 5’11” grand
Model B 6’11” grand
Model A 6’2″ grand
Model D 8’11” grand


*Financing subject to approval. Offer Extended until April 30th, 2019.

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Now is the time to buy – especially if you want new!


If you’re interested in the benefits of a new, beautiful piano you should consider buying now as our Canadian currency has developed a losing trend over the past several months – and — most of our products are purchased through the US, even ones built in Asia. 

Why buy new?

The benefits of buying a new piano allow a beginning pianist to experience what TODAY’S piano industry standards demand – believe it or not, things have changed considerably in just the past 20 years — when we say change this has to do with; construction, leading to the 2 most important features of a piano; sound and touch.

Over the past couple decades our technology has greatly advanced which has allowed worldwide communication – particularly Europe Asia & America — to build to higher standards than ever before. The internet alone has enabled transparency leading to higher standards, and the extinction of truly poorly built instruments.

The piano is considered as a luxury, expensive family purchase that is generally used for decades. Therefore, an instrument built today that cannot deliver adequate performance, or that wont withstand certain climates will inevitably not sell.

For further education please contact us today – we’re delighted to help families select the right piano by providing a thorough education in the process.

New year promotion: Our new acoustic pianos start at only $4995 ($7,195) or $130 per month on our easy piano plan*.

Price includes:

– 10 year parts & labour warranty ($?)

– Delivery ($250) here in Edmonton main floor

– complete preparation including tuning, voicing & regulation ($300)

– 1 complimentary tuning in your home ($150)

– 10 year “get-what-you-paid” trade plan

*ask us for details.

Contact us today:

Ph 780-484-3170

Or – for more information please contact us through the form below:

Contact the Piano Centre


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Player Grand Piano Special

Let your iPad or phone bring your piano to life with outstanding technology at incredible pricing.



How does it work?

Installed from factory, these state-of-the-art systems are seamlessly integrated into an acoustic grand piano to bring live music to your home – All with the touch of your tablet or phone!

Did you know?

This System includes:

  • The most advanced player technology.
  • The most advanced optical record technology.
  • The best and most comprehensive music content.
  • Industries best roster of artists.

Models on sale from $16,995, with our Grand Payment Plan starting at only $225.08 per month on approved credit.*

*Please contact us today fro more information at or 780-484-3170

Contact the Piano Centre


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Grand Piano Floor Template


With a piano template you can envision what size grand piano is best for your space. As a complimentary service, we can send out a piano specialist on a booked appointment to help you size out the proper length of grand piano for your home. Please fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you promptly!

Contact the Piano Centre

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New Piano, New Year

For detailed information please submit your name, email and a brief message.