Cordreros join the Steinway family!

Essex Piano

EUP-123S School Cabinet
Height 49″

The EUP-123S is a piano that delivers incredible value and performance at every level. After exhaustive research, we know of no similarly-priced piano, by any manufacturer, that comes close to its structural integrity, depth and character of tone, and full compliment advanced design features.

School Specific features
The Essex EUP-123S is equipped with SECURITY LOCKS on the top board and key cover to prevent use or damage when unattended. It’s large DOUBLE-RUBBER CASTERS roll easily and will not damage tile floors and the FULL-LENGTH MUSIC DESK makes it easy to view longer scores for performance and conducting. 

Unlike any other similarly-priced brand that we know, ALL ESSEX PIANOS ARE MADE THE SAME. The features, materials, and craftsmanship remain constant from model to model and are not reduced or altered to meet lower price points on smaller pianos.
Advanced Features

Premium Solid Spruce Soundboard
All the finest pianos have premium solid-spruce soundboards, but spruce soundboards are not created equal. A premium soundboard will be made of straight-grain solid spruce (not laminated) with a minimum of 8 grains per inch and be free of knots and irregularities. These qualities ensure overall structural integrity and even distribution of vibrations. Most manufacturers do not specify anything beyond solid vs. laminated, allowing for a wide variance in wood quality.

Tapered Soundboard Construction
To promote flexibility, the soundboard is sanded down to be thinner from treble to bass. Because the board is able to vibrate more freely, bass notes sound richer and fuller and overall tone and dynamic range is improved.

Vertically Laminated Bridges
Originally patented by Steinway in 1880, this groundbreaking design is now found in nearly every high-performance piano in production. The solid bridge is replaced with multiple layers of wood, like a layer-cake on its side. This design transfers vibrations from the strings to the soundboard most efficiently and with the least loss of energy. This improves every aspect of tone, projection, sustain, and dynamic range.

Hammers with Underfelt
Dense under-felt is applied before the white hammer felt is glued and fastened to the hammer molding. This reinforcement will help the hammer retain its shape through years of impact with the strings. Often overlooked and not something that will cause an issue right away, this is a feature many manufacturers will eliminate in order to cut costs.

Massive 5-Post Back Frame
With a TOTAL CROSS SECTIONAL AREA of 400cm or more, this piano is built to stand the test of time. The CSA is calculated by multiplying the width and depth of each post by the number of posts and it serves as a measure of the structural integrity of the piano. Like the curved rim of a grand, the back-frame of an upright is responsible for overall structural integrity and maintaining the soundboard crown throughout the years. The stronger the back-frame, the longer a piano will last and the better it will perform later in life.