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Alexander McTaggart


Alexander first experienced the piano in kindergarten. The music teacher rolled out an upright piano and asked the class if anyone knew how to play. Alex raised his hand without hesitation and without any previous experience of playing the piano. Confident, he went and made something up for the whole class to hear. It was less than impressive. However, from that day on he pursued his love of music through private lessons. Now, he is a graduate of the Toronto Conservatory of Music, York University, Grant MacEwan and veteran of many competitions such as Kiwanis, EFCL, and K-days talent explosion. Although he has been a performer for most of his young career teaching music and sharing knowledge is his true passion in life.

Artist Philosophy:

As a blues, jazz, and classical pianist I have developed a multifaceted understanding of what music means. Music is the social glue, a platform for discourse and a way for us to express our most intimate emotions. Music also reinforces the human condition to love, to dance, and to be free without cause or worry. My approach to teaching is an integrated method that includes technique (pieces/exercises that help the student build strength), repertory, ear training, and a practical application of theory. Everyone has the ability to play the piano. Success hinges on how much time, focus, and effort one puts into developing the skill. As a teacher I am providing the method and an experienced ear to help guide the student. As a student, I continue to practice every day.

Michelle Marcos


Michelle Marcos was born into a family with a love for music. She had her first piano lesson at the age of 4, at Giovanni Yamaha School of Music, and has loved playing ever since. At the age of 13, under the tutelage of Bonnie Mounsef, Michelle was introduced to digital piano and has competed in festivals, such as the annual Kiwanis Music Festival, and the Bonnie Mounsef Digital Piano Festival. Along with digital piano, she continues to play classical music as well. Currently she is working towards her Grade 10 Royal Conservatory Certificate. Teaching piano since 2015, Michelle focuses on classical, contemporary, and pop music. Michelle is in her second year of the Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Education Combined Degree program at the University of Alberta to pursue her love for teaching music. 

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