Holiday Savings Event

Save now before the world’s leading pianos rise in cost on December 31, 2019

On December 31st this year, the price of all Steinway, Essex and Boston pianos will rise.

” Due to an increase in the time spent on every Steinway piano, an increase in the costs of some of the finest woods/materials, and our continued investments in technology and equipment to ensure that today’s Steinways are the best Steinways we have ever produced, we are compelled to increase the prices of our Steinway pianos for 2020.”

The best time to invest in a Steinway grand or piano is always the same: Now. Why? Because unavoidable price increases for new Steinways also increase the value of used pianos. A Steinway grand piano is a convincing investment: the company philosophy “To build the best piano possible” has always been the maxim of every Steinway employee. The masterful workmanship and its inimitable sound make a Steinway a dream of many musicians. The brand enjoys great international popularity as it has been valued for its perfection and innovation since 1853. These are the criteria that have made a Steinway an instrument that is valued worldwide: A 50-year-old Steinway can now achieve more than 9 times its original purchase price! 

Invest today and save thousands of dollars less than what it will cost in just a few weeks. Also, we are offering 0% up to 12 months on select upright and grand pianos within the Steinway family oac!