Steinway Factory Rebates & Long Term 0% Financing Event

Invest in your dream Steinway piano and take up to 24 months of 0% financing to make it happen. Choose from the Steinway family of pianos; Essex, Boston & Steinway & Sons, and get interest free payments for 2 full years.  Now is the perfect time to make your dream of owning the world’s finest piano come true.


On new Steinway & Sons grand pianos up to $8,000
On new Steinway & Sons upright pianos up to $4000
On new Boston grand pianos up to $3000
On new Boston upright pianos up to $1500
On new Essex Grand pianos up to $1500
On new Essex Upright pianos up to $1000

More details in store.

The STEINWAY grand is the gold standard of musical instruments, representing over 160 years of dedication to craftsmanship and uncompromised expression. It is for these reasons that over 19 out of 20 concert pianists choose the STEINWAY grand piano — and why the instrument remains at the heart of cultured homes the world over.

Responsiveness. Precision. Intuitive grace. A superior musical instrument can be recognized by the degree to which it allows the player to express vision without interference — with nothing standing between the fingers and the music in the air.

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