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Used Piano Clearance

It’s that time of year! We are clearing our used piano inventory – acoustic & digital. Most of these lovely pianos that have been significantly reduced were traded in. A trade-in piano is typically a good instrument for several reasons: They have been maintained, tuned and cared for by families that have players continuing education in need of higher performance instruments. We inspect the pianos from top to bottom as we want to give our customers absolute peace of mind; a piano that you buy from Piano Centre will not fall apart or lose tuning stability. The key mechanism called the action has been checked over and freed of flaws, sticking and uneveness.

All of our used pianos come with a warranty and trade up plan. 

Here is a list of used piano inventory in stock (February 20, 2019)

  • Demo Essex EUP-123e Polished Ebony 48.5″ Piano
  • Used Yamaha U1 Polished Ebony 48″ piano
  • Used Yamaha U1 Satin Walnut 48″ piano
  • Used Yamaha T118e Polished Ebony 47″ piano
  • Used Yamaha CLP Digital Piano piano
  • Used Young Chang Wagner U131 52″ Piano
  • Used Baldwin Hamilton 243 Studio Cabinet 45″ Piano
  • Used Baldwin Hamilton 243 Furniture Cabinet 45″ Piano
  • Demo Steinway K52 Satin Lustre Ebony 52″ Piano
  • Demo Knabe 5′ Player Grand Piano with iPad Polished Ebony
  • Used Roland LX7 Modern Walnut
  • Used Roland LX17 Polished Ebony
  • Used Roland HPi-50e Dark Rosewood
  • Used Roland HP605 Dark Rosewood

Used Piano Clearance Promotion ends March 6, 2019

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