I am a piano teacher from China. I just came to Edmonton to stay with my husband. We went to three piano shops nearby. Piano Center is the best choice for us! Their service is best and have variety piano brand for us to choose. They will recommend the one you need. – New Essex EUP-123s by Steinway & Sons

Caven Chen

Thank you so much for assisting me with my piano purchase! I was quite nervous about it, but you and your staff made the whole process relaxing and reassuring. Extremely professional! Thank you. I look forward to playing it in my home! – New Essex EUP-123s piano by Steinway & Sons

Rebecca W.

When can I expect Delivery? I’m Pumped – New Steinway Spirio Model B

Tim W.

Still love this Piano! What a great investment! (New Boston GP-193 PE 6’4″ Grand Piano)

Yang L.

The Piano was a big hit. I’m now pushed down further behind 3 kids, a dog, and now a Steinway. – New Steinway Spirio Model B

Ross M.

Loving our new piano over here!! The sound is amazing in the house. We really do love it (Essex EUP-123s)

Renée K.

Just got a new Steinway. Can’t wait to hear my daughter play it. Alex provided world-class service and was a pleasure to deal with. Extremely patient and helpful. This is the place to buy a piano!

Quinton Steinley

Since I came to visit your amazing store my video has had over 17000 views! Thanks Piano Centre! Can’t wait to do business and get my piano!

Trevor Hinks

“Thank you for the piano today. I’m going to count down the days until the Essex gets here. Please keep us posted as to the timeline on the piano- whether there will be delays or whether you need to bring it sooner. Thanks again. PS: If you felt the need to throw in some sheet music, we would not be offended! Heehee” – New Essex EUP-123s Upright Piano

The De Kapelles

We love the new (Boston Grand) piano at our church in Bezanson.

Steve E – Bezanson Community Church

“Steinway pianos allow me to transform my ideas into life. It is crucial that I play on Steinway in my most important concerts because no other piano can speak my most profound emotions. Every instrument has a personality and Steinway allows me to create infinite colors and textures in music.”

Joyce Yang


Jua Zhang


Jua Zhang

I wanted to send a message to say how grateful I am to you for helping me today to realize a dream.

Charlene L.

My wife was VERY pleased with it (Roland HP504) yesterday on her birthday and it works well. Thanks Again.

Glen Stromquist

Despite my somewhat limited playing abilities, I have become more and more aware of the depth that the Steinway piano offers in terms of its sound and feel: it really is incredible.

Maria S.

I’m constantly ‘fighting’ with the sound guys who want to mike that piano which I’m reminding them does not need to be miked. It distorts the beautiful tone, etc. I think I’m winning! 🙂 Boston GP193 PE

Pastor Jerry Ascher – Meadlowlands Baptist Church

the Essex is awesome! Plays well, sounds awesome… love it! Glad I bought it for sure!!!

Heidi Clippingdale

The Roland piano is great and my daughter is really enjoying it! Her practice time went up significantly!! Thank you again for all your help.

Marcela Zicha-Green

Our new Essex looks and sounds very fine. A fine new addition to our home.

Herb and Mary Anne Dietrich

Everything was fine with the delivery yesterday. My wife was home at the time but she was not expecting anything it turned out to be a very nice surprise. She loves the Piano (Essex EUP-123e Sapele Mahogany) and she is playing on it as much as she has time for. Thanks for working with me on this.

Julius Szabo

We love this grand piano! It is stunningly beautiful while the sound is magnificent and majestic,” – Boston GP215 PE 7′ Grand Piano

Judy Welch

比较钢琴那时候女儿说“Steinway出的这个Boston琴音色听着真美,真丰富,琴键触感反应也快.” 同时也考虑到她参加国际比赛的时候,使用的钢琴大多是世界第一琴Steinway & Sons, Boston作为Steinway出品,琴键触感跟Steinway&Sons一样,女儿希望平常在家练习的时候就用跟比赛钢琴触感一样的钢琴练习,让手指肌肉完全适应比赛的琴的触感,这样一上台就不会麻爪啦!

Xia Wang

The experience of quality Steinway products is available to our students also in the Essex uprights recently added to our fleet of practice room pianos. Without a doubt, we look forward to more of these quality pianos.

University of Alberta – Augustana Campus

My mother made sure that my sister and I had piano lessons at a young age. As my passion for music increased, she lovingly would tell me “Music is something no one can ever take away from you. It is always yours to keep!” I am sure when my mother provided me with music lessons, she never dreamed that it would turn out to be such a wonderful journey and career path for me. The legacy that my mother gave me, and the memory of her is tied intimately with the purchase of my Steinway piano.

Carmen Gorgichuk

We love our new Boston! Thanks Again!

Mary Vickers

“I have verbal agreement from ‘the boss’ to buy a Steinway in 3 years if there is one of the three of us still playing the Essex’ –

Robert S.

“A note to tell you how much I enjoyed performing on that new 7′ Steinway B! It’s a gorgeous piano: beautiful singing tone, mellow but direct tonal qualities, an incredible feel and playing mechanism that allowed me to do anything I wanted. You can’t beat a Steinway for these qualities and this piano has them. I’m very impressed and would recommend the piano to anyone.” –

Milton Schlosser

“The Boston Grand is an amazing instrument. It provides a very rich, warm tone and has a beautiful bass. Even in the Piano Center, this piano stood out from the rest and I enjoy playing it very much”. “波士顿三角钢琴, GP156-PE,是一件异乎寻常的乐器。她的音色非常饱满,温暖,低音部分十分美妙。这使得她可以在钢琴中心的众多钢琴中脱颖而出。我十分享受弹奏她的过程”

T. Feng

“The ‘Boston’ undoubtedly proved by far to be the superior of all the pianos. The character traits of the Boston that were most impressive were the brightness of tone, and the responsiveness of the keys (whether in the bass or treble). And the fact my heart ‘skipped a beat’ (when I initially played the “Boston”) was an indication I had found ‘the one’.”

Rhonda C.

“We’d give you a 10/10 on customer service and would not hesitate to recommend YOU and the Piano Centre, to anyone looking to purchase a piano.”

Gary C.

“I will say that the feel of the Boston is great (very responsive) and the sound is bright and good for all ages and levels.” – New Boston UP-118s PE

Stephanie F.

The Boston sound is similar to a grand piano which offers a rich warm sound, and wide dynamic range. The action of the keys is also very good. As a piano teacher and performer I found the Boston piano very satisfying from both a musical and technical point of view, and quite good value for money. The bass is also full and rich, and overall the tone is vibrant, with a good sustain.

Yoana Kyurkchieva

“Our Steinway grand pianos will help attract quality shows in the performing arts,” said Bob Korol, TCU Place chief executive officer. – New Steinway model D Concert Grand Pianos

Bob Korol

Just wanted to let you know that the two Essex pianos were delivered to the music department last week and we love them. – New Essex EUP-123s Pianos

Paul L.

Our beautiful new Boston Piano by Steinway is now at home in our home. How do I begin to describe the joy I feel every time I sit down to play this wonderful instrument? It really is music to the ears to listen to it being played.

Elizabeth C.

“I never expected to purchase a Steinway. In fact, I had been told by a sales associate at another piano store that Steinways were “nothing more than an overpriced Yamaha” – I was encouraged by a phrase I’ll always remember, “Just Try.” – I can’t tell you how glad I am that I did. And now months after the purchase, I want to let you know that my Steinway B brings me much joy and wonder as the first day I first played it.” – New Steinway model B Grand Piano

Brad H.

“There are many wonderful pianos and many makers in the world, but the yardstick from which they are still evaluated is the standard set by Steinway. You were instrumental in helping us acquire the magnificent Model Bs that we now possess. This is a great credit to you as we both benefited both from your fair business expertise as well as to your access to superior pianos.” Jacques Despres,

University Of Alberta

Thank you for generously providing the Steinway Grand and Essex Pianos for the piano and vocal competitions! We were very pleased to have such fine-quality instruments available to our participants.

Leduc Music Festival

I wish to express an extra special thank you to the Piano Centre for providing the fantastic opportunity to perform on their Steinway grand piano.

Annette G.

“和旁边的Steinway and Sons 的声音相比,听上去还真是没什么差别。由久负盛名的Steinway设计,中国最好的钢琴厂制造,严格的质检,无可挑剔的音质,就是它了。于是,我们的家庭又新添了第四个成员—-Essex.”

Jing Yuan

I have recently purchased a new Essex grand piano designed by Steinway & Sons. I would not hesitate to recommend the Piano Centre to my friends in the future.

Eunice B.

“I have loved my Steinway the more I play it. The best part of my purchase was the wonderful service and true caring you have expressed through my months of deciding to purchase a grand piano.” – New Steinway Model O Grand Piano

Connie D.

Thank you for welcoming us in your beautiful store. Buying our new piano was a great experience for all of us. Thank you for such friendly service, we are truly enjoying the piano.

Jessica M.

“Not once on my many visits to the Piano Centre did I feel unwelcomed. I never was given a high pressure sales pitch but instead wanted to insure that I understood the features and benefits of the piano I would purchase. By the way, I am very happy with my Boston grand piano.” – New Boston GP-163 5’4″ Grand Piano

Mary Ann G.

When I entered the Piano Centre I was introduced to the Essex and took this information back to my teacher. I decided to take my teacher, who has been teaching for over 40 years owns a Steinway, to the Piano Centre to hear for herself the demonstration of the Essex. She was impressed and certainly gave it a higher grade than the previous suggestions she had Given me. I now have the Essex Piano in my home and I absolutely love it.

Dr. Darlene P.

Beautiful store, incredibly knowledgeable and passionate staff and a long-standing member of the Edmonton music community. Alex and Guy are among the most experienced, genuine, and wonderfully helpful people I know when it comes to pianos. I’m a big fan of Steinway and Sons (and their Boston and Essex lines, too) and Roland. Piano Centre is where to find both. Absolutely recommend!

Brent H

“The staff were extremely friendly and easy to deal with, they definitely exceeded our expectations from signing to delivery and after sales support. This was the second store we had been into after deciding on a Steinway baby grand piano and what we appreciated most was the range of piano prices they have. With four kids I don’t think we would have been able to afford a Steinway without their help.”

Stuart R

Here at the Piano Centre we take the time to listen and respond to our customers.

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